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Amazy Dayzees are a yellow, glittery version of a Crazee Dayzee found in Flower Fields, Twilight Trail, and the Pit of 100 Trials. Unlike normal Crazee Dayzee's, Amazy Dayzee's run whenever they get the chance and have an attack power of 20. Because their attack can also put you to sleep, it is often fatal. Although they are very hard to defeat, an average Amazy Dayzee will get you at least 37 star points for every one defeated. They also have a defense of one. Amazy Dayzees appear once again in Super Paper Mario. In Chapter 8-2, Mimi, disguised as Merlee, asks Mario several questions on which enemies scare Mario the most. Amazee Dayzee can be chosen as an answer, and later will be found as one of the traps set up by Mimi. They are very fast and can flip dimensions any moment they wish to. They also are naturally found in Chapter 5-2 if Mario flips to 3-D in the area with a Yoshi statue, and can be seen inside the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. Also, they sometimes release Golden Leaves, which restore 1 HP and cure poison, when the player defeats them. Searching the Twilight Trail for Amazy Dayzees is a good method for training, especially toward the end of the game, as they provide you with more than the usual one Star Point. Also, in Super Paper Mario its a method to farm coins by catching Amazy Dayzees and sell its cards, you will earn at least 200 coins each.

In Paper Mario a really good strategy against the Amazy Dayzee is to wear the badge "Dizzy Attack" which gives off the Dizzy status to it the moment you use your spin dash on on enemies. With this you can effectively use an extra turn to get the kill and gain loads of experience. Any party member is recommended depending on the badge setup.

In Thousand Year Door the two locations they can be found in (Those being Twilight Trail and Pit of 100 Trials) depending on where you battle them. In Twilight trait it's a lot harder to defeat them even with proper commands. Goombella's Multibonk is generally a good way to kill them when Power Lift boost. Though generally it's risky too. It's best suited until after Chapter 4 is completed and Art Attack is enough to handle these guys. In the Pit of 100 Trials they come in groups with other power enemies on floors 90-100. But only appearing in two of them. The player can use Supernova there.
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Types: Crazy Dayzee | Amazy Dayzee | Dark Dayzee

The Amazee Dayzee is one of the rarest enemies in the series and try to get away right away.Even knowing info about it is special.

It has the highest attack power of any Paper Mario 2 enemy.

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