The Armored Harriers is a fighting group in the Glitz Pit, consisting of two Iron Clefts. They are completely untouchable when Mario first fights them, as nothing can hurt them, including special attacks and items. Mario then returns to the minor league locker room, and finds to his suprise that the Yoshi egg that had been following him had hatched. Mario then fights them again with the Yoshi Kid, whose Gulp attack can hurt them by throwing them into each other. Later, after another one of Mario's Glitz Pit battles, they attack him again, but are defeated in the before mentioned manner. You have the option to lose. Although they are near invincible, they are only in the minor league.


  • The Armored Harriers will never be effected by the Piercing Blow badge, even though it states that it can cut through enemy defenses.

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