Atomic Boo is a giant Boo composed of several smaller Boos. It is an optional mini-boss revealed at Creepy Steeple, when it is destroyed, Mario receives a Badge and the Steeple is released of the boos taking you out of the Steeple.


His main power is scaring Mario, which can make him dizzy or paralyzed. He can also spit out several Boos at a time and even crush Mario with his massive weight. Mario must hammer many Boos at one time before they get angry, team up, and form into the Atomic Boo. After Atmoic Boo is destroyed, Mario receives a badge and the Steeple becomes released of the boos that carry you out of the Steeple.

In Super Paper Mario , the Atomic Boo is the last enemy (besides Mimi) you have to face on Level 2-4. He acts like all the other boos in the basement; if you look at him he will hide, if you look away he will try and attack. He is very simple to defeat in this game, however.


In Paper Mario : the Thousand Year Door, there was supposed to be a Dark Atomic Boo that you would fight on floor 50 of the pit of 100 Trials, but it was cut out for unknown reasons.

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