Atomic Boo is a giant Boo composed of several smaller Boos. It is an optional mini-boss revealed at Creepy Steeple, when it is destroyed, Mario receives a Badge and the Steeple is released of the boos taking you out of the Steeple.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Edit

Atomic Boos, make their Paper Mario series debut in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, with a single one appearing as an optional mini-boss. This Atomic Boo is composed of approximately two hundred different Boos. Mario can only fight it by going to the Creepy Steeple after freeing the 200 Boos in Chapter 4 (if he guesses the number right, a Boo gives him an Ultra Shroom). Even though Mario agreed to be nice to the Boos, they swarm him as soon as they are free. If Mario knocks the Boos away twice with the Super Hammer by using the Spin Attack, the Boos combine together to make the Atomic Boo. Edit

The Atomic Boo attacks by flinging Boos at Mario, charging up a powerful glare attack, hiding his face and becoming invisible like regular Boos, floating over and falling onto both Mario and his partner, and inflicting Mario with status ailments such as confusion and paralysis. Once Atomic Boo is defeated, he relinquishes his Lucky Start badge to Mario and the Boos stop their swarming and appear as normal enemies.

A glitch can occur involving this Boo; it is possible for it to drop the reward for defeating it, the Lucky Start badge, down the hole revealed by pushing the star statue. This renders the badge unobtainable unless the player restarts from a previous save.[4]

Super Paper Mario Edit

Atomic Boos appear infrequently in Super Paper Mario. Only one appears in Merlee's Mansion, where it is considerably weaker than the one encountered previously. This Atomic Boo attacks the player by charging at them while they are facing away from them, turning intangible if it is faced. Multiple Atomic Boos occasionally appear in the Mansion Patrol minigame; though slower than regular Boos. Defeating one gives many more points than defeating a regular Boo.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the enemy is referred to as Big Boo, and it looks like a large, crumpled paper ball with a Boo face to go with the game's paper motif. The Big Boo only appears once in the entire game and is a mini-boss found in World 4. It is formed when Kamek combines the Boos found in The Enigmansion.

In battle, the Big Boo's only attack is eating Mario and then spitting him out. However, once the Big Boo uses its turn, the candles light up and the Big Boo turns invisible. During this time, Mario is unable to attack the Big Boo, but the Big Boo is still able to hurt Mario. In order to make the mini-boss visible again, a Thing sticker with wind or water properties needs to be used in order to extinguish the candles. However, using a Thing sticker with fire properties such as Matches and Lighter while the candle is put out relights it. Although the Big Boo is invisible while the candle is lit, it can still take damage from Spike Helmet or Poison Mushroom.

Once the Big Boo has been defeated, the Book of Sealing stays on its pedestal and the mansion is free of ghosts.




In Paper Mario : the Thousand Year Door, there was supposed to be a Dark Atomic Boo that you would fight on floor 50 of the pit of 100 Trials, but it was cut out for unknown reasons.

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