Badge Points (BP) make an appearance in both Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They don't, however, make an appearance in Super Paper Mario. BP is used to manage the number of badges Mario and his partners can wear. Partners only get certain badges in Thousand-year Door.

BP Level UpEdit

The base Badge Points Mario has in both Paper Mario 1 and 2 is only 3 compared to HP's 10 and FP's 5. You can choose to increase the number of HP, FP, or BP Mario has upon leveling up. Unlike HP and FP were you get 5 points, you only obtain 3 BP. The maximum number of BP in Paper Mario is 30 while the Max BP in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a much larger 99 points.


The BP on badges range from 0-7 zero being close to useless while seven being extremely useful (but expensive). Most Zero BP badges are just for fun or a challenge like the sound FX badges or the emblems. Slow Go and Double Pain are also 0 BP badges. In Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door, Mario can get a badge in Hooktail Castle which can be used to have an effect on the fight with Hooktail. The badge in question only costs 0 BP. Lots of BP is good to have when you use the Danger Mario Pit of 100 Trials strategy.

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