The Bald Cleft is an enemy found in almost all of the current Paper Mario games.

Bald Clefts are like regular Clefts, but without the spikes so you can jump on them. They have high defense and power along with being impervious to fire. These bald baddies are some rocks that tend to charge into you.

Super Paper Mario Edit

Bald Clefts make an appearance in Super Paper Mario as fairly weak enemies encountered early on. They can be first and primarily seen in Yold Desert. Their HP and attack are both 2 with a defense of 2. The best way to fight them this early is to throw them into other enemies.

Tippi's Comments: That's a Bald Cleft. You might confuse this rock-hard foe with a rock... Set off an explosion near it to flip it over. Then it'll be vulnerable to attack..
A cleft‎ Clefts Cleft reverse
Types: Cleft | Hyper Cleft | Bald Cleft | Hyper Bald Cleft | Moon Cleft | Iron Cleft

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