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In Paper Mario, Bandits are found in Dry Dry Desert and try to rob Mario of his coins. They have low attack as well as health, but after a bandit attacks Mario, he'll lose coins. Afterwards (if a bandit isn't defeated or attacked), they run away from battle, taking your coins with them. Bandits also appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the Pit of 100 Trials, they were a common enemy, but in Rogueport, they were just minor characters and had a blue color, one even robbed mario but he found him in his hideout.Bandits also appeared in the Glitz Pit with Big Bandits. Bobbery's Hold Fast ability, the use of a Boo's Sheet or Volt Shroom, or having the Zap Tap Badge equipped will prevent a Bandit from stealing coins. The bandit sadly didn't appear in Super Paper Mario or Paper Mario Sticker Star.

BanditBandits Bandit
Enemy Robbers: Bandit | Badge Bandit | Big Bandit

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