The Big Shiny Hurlhammer is a sticker found in Paper Mario Sticker Star. It is the only hammer attack that can attack flying enemies. It attacks multiple enemies with a shock wave after landing. It is the second strongest sticker in the Hurlhammer series. It is one of the Big Shiny stickers that can be bought in shops, in this case Decalburg.

In-game Descriptions Edit

Regular: Hurls a huge hammer into the air that plunges down and strikes all foes with very strong force. Also hits flying foes.

Museum: A decent-sized shiny hammer that falls from above as its targets gaze in awe, helplessly watching doom approach.

Lineage Edit

Belongs to the Hurlhammer Sticker series:

Hurlhammer Shiny Hurlhammer Flashy Hurlhammer

Big Shiny Hurlhammer Megaflash Hurlhammer

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