Blooper is a squidlike creature who appears in all three Paper Mario games. In the first one, he appears in the Toad Town Pipes. Every time Mario tries to navigate a new area in the sewer, a Blooper will appear, each one getting an increased amount of health and damage it can deal. In The Thousand Year Door, he appears in the Rogueport Sewers. Before Mario can get to chapter one, Mario must fight an even bigger Blooper. He appears as a common underwater enemy in Super Paper Mario and an even huger one appears in the end of the level. The Bloopers in Paper Mario can also produce little Bloopers known as Blooper Babies.

In Paper Mario three versions of Blooper appear. With each one having their own gimmick. Electro Blooper can surround itself in electricity and use it to attack. Flying Party members such as Bow, Parakarry or Watt should have a great time handling them. Goombario is also useful as well. Super Blooper has two baby Bloopers it summons, Parakarry or Bow is your best option there. Watch out for the Charge attack it does. Their HP varies. Blooper has 30 HP, Electro has 50 HP and Super has 75 HP.

In Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door only one appears in the game and it's the boss of the prologue. It stops Mario and Goombella from trying to go to Chapter 1.

Blooper | Big Blooper | Super Blooper
Electro Blooper | Blooper Baby

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