Blue Goomba is the weaker and younger of the Goomba Bros. They are both mini-bosses in Paper Mario. He serves under the Goomba King. After Mario defeats him and his brother they join the king in battle. However they only have 3 HP this time so hitting the Goomnut Tree in the battle will defeat them both. Blue Goomba doesn't make any other appearances in the Paper Mario series. He has about the same power as his brother.

After being defeated for the second time, Blue and Red Goomba send Goombario a letter saying that they admire his strength and would like to be friends with him. He is one of the Medium powered enemies.

He is a young goomba, goomba is the brother of the red, red goomba die if he cries and gets mad and vice versa. Not much is known about this goomba, except it is a mini-boss.

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