Bob-ombs are wind-up bombs that come in many sizes and are loyal to Bowser. Their main attack is blowing themselves up in front of Mario, which is more damaging than just running into him. Bob-ombs are sentient and even talk, unlike Bullet Bills. Some have speech impedements and say BOMB! after every couple of words.


In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door two more versions of Bob-omb exist.

Ultra Bob-ombEdit

Ultra Bob-omb
Ultra Bob-ombs would probably been stronger versions of Bob-ombs. Due to colour and different eyes Bulky Bob-ombs could have replaced them. However, this color of regular, smaller Bob-omb does exist in the game, like the shopkeeper and inn manager in Fahr Outpost and the one in Herb T.'s place in Rougeport Sewers.

Hyper Bob-ombEdit

They would probably charge up their attack power and explode like the hyper enemies, who are also green in color.
Hyper Bob-omb

Bob-omb Bob-ombs Bob-omb 2
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Groups: Bob-omb Squad

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