The Boggly Woods (ふしぎの森) is a forest in Chapter 2 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The woods are home to the Great Tree, which is in turn the home to the Punies and the Jabbies. It is also the home of Madame Flurrie. The forest is plain white.

Chapter 2Edit

Mario travels to Boggly Woods in search of the second Crystal Star. He runs into the Shadow Sirens, who barely recognise him until they see the Wanted poster given to them by Sir Grodus. Mario must retrieve Flurrie's Necklace from them by defeating them, and then return it to Flurrie in order to unlock Flurrie as a partner. After that, Mario and Co. must rid the Great Tree of the X-Nauts and Lord Crump in order to get the second Crystal Star.

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