A Boomboxer is an enemy found in Super Paper Mario that is considered the weakest of the species. It shoots out rays from its head boombox and can injure Mario. It also makes a strange face when it attacks. Whenever you use Boomer, any Boomboxer on-screen will be stunned for a while. They are annoying if you do not take them out quickly.

They are not in Yold Town but a catch card can be found. If you have the Barry pixl, you could deflect it's rays.

Tippi's Comments: This boomboxer blasts cone of pure sound at anyone it doesn't like... It gets startled by its own loud noises... What would drive a music lover to listen to anything that loud?

Template Boomboxer‎ Boomboxer Template Boomboxer
Types: Boomboxer | Beepboxer | Blastboxer | Dark Boomboxer

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