Bouquet Gardens is the second level of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Here the player can get a fan, which is needed for 1-4, Hither Thither Hill. The area here contains many patches of flowers and is rather relaxing overall. This level also marks the first appearance of koopas as enemies. A part of this level is very windy and can not be traversed fully until Mario has turned off the Fan and collected it. There is also an opportunity to get the Cat-o-Luck thing here by saving the Traveling Toad being attacked by two goombas.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Worn-out Jump, Jump, Shiny Jump, Iron Jump, Hopslipper, Shiny Hopslipper, Worn-out Hammer, Eekhammer, Slaphammer, Fire Flower, Shiny Fire Flower, Ice Flower.

Things: Fan (multiple times), Cat-o-Luck (one time)

The Fan has to be collected to finish the level and can be found in the open on your way through the level. The Cat-o-Luck is an optional thing to collect and can be gained by helping the Toad being attacked by goombas in this level.

Secret Door: Located a bit in front of the Comet Piece.

Inside this Secret Area, you can get a Flashy POW Block, a Flashy Fire Flower, and a Flashy Ice Flower.

Secrets Edit

-After the Toad's garden is destroyed by the fan, placing a mixture of three Ice Flowers and/or Fire Flowers by paperizing rewards you an HP-Up Heart.

Trivia Edit

-You can tell that a Fan has returned to this level as a Toad in the housing area of Decalburg will be yelling about how high winds have returned to the Bouquet Gardens.

-This level gives you access to the Battle Spinner allowing multiple attacks in one turn while battling.