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"Blech! You wish, you ghost gobbling freak! C'mon Mario, let's beat this guy up! GWAH HA HA HA!"
— Lady Bow


Lady bow

Lady Bow

Bow is the leader of the Boos of Boo's Mansion in Paper Mario, and is aided by her butler, Bootler. She is very strong-headed and a bit snooty due to her princess-like status in life, but is also kind-hearted in wanting to aid Mario so he can save Princess Peach and the world's wishes. However, the main reason that she joins him at first is because she needs him to help stop the ghost-eating boss Tubba Blubba, and offers him the Star Spirit, Skolar, that the Boos caught after his escape from Tubba Blubba's Castle in exchange for his help. Unlike the other party members, after it says Bow joins Mario, the text adds in a comical "like it or not".


Bow joins Mario after he solves the puzzles in Boo Mansion. She can comically smack enemies with her hand (and her fan when Ultra Ranked) and protect Mario from attacks with her Outta Sight attack. At Super Rank she can also try to scare away enemies with a ability called Spook, which automatically ends a battle. By pressing C-Down, she can protect Mario from enemy attacks and not get attacked by an enemy.


In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, she appears in Poshley Heights with her butler, Bootler in front of the Poshley Sanctum after the game has been beaten. A Toad in Petalburg mentions her, saying that she is "the cutest Boo OF ALL TIME!"

In Super Paper Mario while she is not present in person, Francis has a poster of her and Bootler in his room in Fort Francis.

Attacks Edit

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Smack None Smacks and enemy 4-6 times. Rapidly joystick left to fill the gauge. Initial
Outta Sight 2 Hides both her and Mario from being hit. None. Initial
Spook 3 Scares enemies out of battle. No experience will be gained if done so. Rapidly joystick left to fill the gauge. Automatically works if it reaches 100%. Super Rank
Fan Smack 5 Smacks an enemy 4-6 times with her fan. A little stronger than "Smack" Rapidly joystick left to fill the gauge Ultra Rank


  • In game biography says lady bow has joined party whether you like it or not, in a similar thing happened in Super Paper Mario when Barry the Pixl joined the party.
  • Despite the fact she's a ghost she can't attack in the dark for some strange reason. However she can use Outta Sight.
  • Bow is the only party member outside Parakarry to appear in Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door. However it was only a cameo.

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