Bowser's Castle is a location from the first Paper Mario game (although it is technically also a location in Super Paper Mario), found in Chapter 8: A Star Powered Showdown. It leads to an empty Princess Peach's castle, which leads to the final boss of the game, Bowser. Bowser's Castle contains makeshift shop's and Toad House's made by Bowser's Minions and captured Toads.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

Though inaccessible in the game proper, Bowser's Castle is briefly seen at the start of the second paper adventure, where he is informed that the Princess has been captured by someone else. In his rage, Bowser makes it his mission that he must collect the Crystal Stars before Mario does, with Kammy Koopa at his side.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Bowser's Castle is briefly seen at the start of Super Paper Mario, when Bowser and his minions plan on capturing Princess Peach, and are interrupted by Mario and Luigi who come to bust him up for capturing her. However, he is only now planing his atack. Count Bleck appears as an interdimensional hologram and captures Peach, Bowser and Luigi. Bowser gets a new castle later in the game, but it is infiltrated and destroyed by Mario and Co.

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