Brobot is the robotic "brother" of Mr. L and a boss in Super Paper Mario. He is designed to resemble Luigi's head.

Brobot's role in the gameEdit

Brobot first appears in Chapter 4-4, when Mr. L summons him after being beaten by Mario and Friends. The battle takes place in space with the player using Squirps to attack Brobot with an unlimited supply of projectiles. The heroes eventually triumph over Mr. L again, who can only brag and flee. This leaves the heroes free to take the fourth pure heart.

Serving the same purpose as before, Brobot appears alongside Mr. L again in a destroyed Sammer’s Kingdom, this time with an upgrade. He now has hands and feet that he lacked in the first battle, as well as a larger variety of attacks. He also has a new name with the upgrade: "Brobot L type". The player's best strategy is to lay Boomer at Brobot's feet and then flee before he can retailiate with a damage-dealing blow. The attacks he could unleash on the heroes includes missiles from his nose, lasers from his eyes and a vaccuum attack in his mouth. Once again, the heroes win the battle and Brobot is apparently destroyed for good, with Mr. L running away again afterwards.

Brobot's 255 HP is a referrence of the storage ability of a single byte.

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