Bub-ulbs are strange creatures unique to the Paper Mario Series. They are responsible for giving you Magical Seeds so that you may enter the Flower Fields.

Bub-ulb better

Bub-ulbs are about the size of Bo-bombs but are palish green. They also have a flower on their forehead, you can find them in Petalburg and in Flower Fields.

Bub-Ulb Green

This is a green Bub-Ulb


Flower Fields is home to Bub-ulbs, but many have been seen inhabiting other areas, as seen below.


The Toad Town Bub-ulb is located just southeast of Tayce T's house.

The Forever Forest Bub-ulb is located in the center of the "evil tree" section of Forever Forest.

The Mt. Rugged Bub-ulb is located in the area just before fighting Buzzar. The companion Parakarry is required to reach this area.

The Lavalava Island Bub-ulb is located on a small island northeast of Yoshi village. The companion Sushie is required to reach this area.

Note: This Bub-ulb will not give you his Magical Seed. You will need to find the Volcano Vase and give it to Kolorado to obtain the actual seed.