Bulky Bob-ombs are giant pink Bob-ombs that inflict massive damage. Like regular Bob-ombs, they attack by blowing themselves up. Bulky Bob-ombs take a few turns to charge up their attack power and defense before self-destructing. An easy way to destroy these guys is to use an explosive or fire item to blow up the Bulky Bob-ombs instantly. Although Mario will still take damage, this method is quicker and better than letting Bulky Bob-ombs blow themselves up. Bulky Bob-ombs are seen in the audience during other battles, and often obscure the row in front of them, making it difficult to see any items thrown from these areas. They will also occasionally explode, scaring way any Punies in the audience .

Bob-omb Bob-ombs Bob-omb 2
Species: Bob-omb | Bulky Bob-omb | Bob-ulk | Bob-omb Buddy
Characters: Admiral Bobbery | Bomberto | Bombette | Bub | General White | Goldbob | Jerry | Lucky
Master Crash | Pa-Patch | Sylvia
Groups: Bob-omb Squad

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