Buzzar is a giant bird and mini-boss on Mt. Rugged. His main attack is swooping down at Mario. Along with that, he also throws feathers at him and picks Mario up with his talons, dropping him after he flies really high. He also blows wind at Mario and his partner, damaging the both of them. There's not that much personal info known about Buzzar.


  • Buzzar might be female. When first seen on Mt. Rugged, he's sitting on a nest full of eggs, so he might actually be she.
  • Buzzar doesn't have a personal affiliation with Bowser. He's most likely a bounty hunter or mercenary who happened to catch Mario on a wanted poster. When he asks you what your name is, you can answer Luigi and you won't have to fight him.
  • In the credits, the nest of eggs Buzzar sits on hatch.
  • Buzzar has more HP than Tutankoopa.

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