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Charge is a useful badge in Paper Mario TTYD.

The charge badge (when equiped) adds another option to the tactics menu, (where Mario can defend, run away, and change partners) that, for 1 FP, charges Mario (hence the name) to do 2 more damage on his next attack (not counting star attacks). This effect is stackable. Mario can find one in the Great Boggly Tree after smashing the first ground pound panel, using Koops, and can find the P version (for partner) in the Glitz Pit's storeroom by using Flurrie to blow away the covers, then smashing the blocks in the right of the storeroom entrance. Then, if Mario wants more, he must repeatedly Defeat Hyper Clefts located on Twilight Trail. (this gives both types.) Equiping two or more allows for more charge in one turn. With one Mario's attack goes up by 2.


  • In order to get charge badges, Mario must always use partners, unless defeating Hyper Clefts.
  • this badge is the succsessor to the Jump Charge and Hammer Charge badges from Paper Mario, possibly put together to make charging easier.
  • Hyper enemies when they charge their attack goes realy high, but they normaly use it once.

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