Cheep Cheeps are a recurring species and enemy in the Paper Mario Series.

In the original Paper Mario, the partner Sushie is a Cheep Cheep. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, several NPCs are Cheep Cheeps, such as the blimp driver or the Excess Express chef. Cheep Cheeps first appear as enemies in Super Paper Mario. Red Cheep Cheeps were found in Gloam Valley, and Green Cheep Cheeps in the Tile Pool and the Gap of Crag. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a Big Cheep Cheep appears as a mini-boss at the Surfshine Harbor and normal Cheep Cheeps appear as enemies hopping out of the water in the level Whitecap Beach. If Gooper Blooper hasn't been defeated, then the Cheep Cheeps can poison you. If Gooper Blooper has been defeated, they will either spit water at you or charge at you. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Cheep Cheeps function the same as they did in Sticker Star. They only appear in Bloo Bay Beach.

Tattle Edit

Super Paper Mario: That's a Cheep Cheep. Like most fish, it lives entirely underwater... Max HP is 2. Attack is 1. It swims along lazily minding its own fishy business... No important characteristics of note... It's a fish...

Flipping: That’s a Cheep Cheep. Like all fish, it lives entirely underwater… Max HP is 2. Attack is 1. It swims along lazily, minding its own fishy business… No important characteristics of note, but this one can flip between dimensions...

Card Description Edit

These odd fish hurl themselves out of water. For a fish, it's not the safest hobby.