Chuck Quizmo is a character from the original Paper Mario. He appears in various towns and areas where Mario travels. Chuck Quizmo will ask you if you want to take a quiz, and he will disappear if you say no. If you say yes, you go to Chuck Quizmo’s quizzing area. This area shows Vanna T. (Chuck Quizmo’s assistant), and the audience. Chuck will ask you a question based off of some part of the game, and the questions are multiple choice. If you get the question right, a circle appears out of Chuck Quizmo’s hat, the audience cheers and you

get a star piece. Get the answer wrong and an X appears out of Chuck Quizmo’s hat, the audience boos and you do not get a Star Piece. Chuck Quizmo will keep appearing until you have won all 64 Star Pieces from him. When you do that, Chuck Quizmo will call you the master and disappear until you beat the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Luigi, a Koopa Bro, Yoshi and Jr. Troopa all can appear in the audience alongside the regular enemies and Toads.
  • In Super Paper Mario, there is a Sammer Guy that is named “Quizmo Question That Has No Answer”.
  • Chuck Quizmo asks 64 questions, which is an obvious reference to the Nintendo 64.
  • Vanna T’s name Is based off of an actual game show assistant Vanna White and possibly based off of the word “vanity”.
  • The Mario Party 8 character MC Ballyhoo closely resembles Chuck Quizmo and was possibly based on him.