A Cleft is a spiky rock monster seen on Mt. Rugged and in the Boggly Woods. They attack by running into Mario with their spikes and have high defense. When first encountered, it is wise to run away until your hammer has been upgraded. The clefts in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door are monochrome, due to the fact they're found in the Boggly Woods. Originally, Clefts are brown with red shoes but they are grey with black shoes due to them being in the Boggly Woods; Moon Clefts are their original colour. Clefts are seen as rocks until Mario walks up to one. Then they charge at Mario and attack.

A cleft‎ Clefts Cleft reverse
Types: Cleft | Hyper Cleft | Bald Cleft | Hyper Bald Cleft | Moon Cleft | Iron Cleft