Craw-Daddy is a Dark Craw who fights in the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Like all Dark Craws, he has red eyes and different clothing from a regular Craw.

He is ranked 4th in the Glitz Pit.



That's a Dark Craw. Yikes. What a ghastly-looking spear-thrower. Wow, that's some serious Attack power. You don't wanna jump on it if its spear is pointing up. 'Cause that... would hurt. For a run-of-the-mill spear-tosser, he sure looks like he's got a POINT to make! Ha ha! - Goombella

Log Entry:

A ghastly-looking spearman that'll poke your feet if you try to stomp it when its spear is pointing up. It attacks by throwing spears or charging. - Goombella

Jolene head‎ Glitz Pit Fighters Jolene head reverse
Champion: The Great Gonzales
Former Champions: Rawk Hawk · Prince Mush
Major League Characters: The Koopinator · Hamma Jamma · Bamma · Flare · Craw-Daddy · Shellshock · Spiky Joe
Major League Teams: Chomp Country · The Fuzz · Magikoopa Masters · Shellshockers · Poker Faces · Tiny Spinies
Minor League Characters: Cleftor · Bandy Andy · Master Crash · King K. · Sir Swoop
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Minor League Replacement Teams: Wings of Night · Destructors

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