Damp Oasis is an alternate exit level in World 2, and is accessed by beating level 2-3's secret exit. This level is very short compared to the other levels of this world, and requires using a thing to gain full access to it. This level is primarily circular with a sandstorm causing it to be very difficult to see anywhere all around the planet. The only way to clear the sandstorm here, is to use the vacuum thing, or a similar vacuum-type thing. After doing this, you can access the second part of this level where a single Toad lives. Removing the sandstorm also reveals a message saying to jump between two striped cacti in level 2-1. The complete message is: "In the hills of Drybake Desert, sand flows between two striped cacti. Show no fear and jump in." A toad explorer here says that he's going to search for this secret and heads to level 2-1.

The second part of this level as mentioned before, is rather small and has a single Toad house. The oasis here is completely dried up and the Toad asks if you could restore it. This can be easiest done by using the faucet thing. The Toad invites you into his house after restoring the Oasis where you can find a Tablet Piece. Chronologically, this should be the third and final tablet piece obtained. There is also the Shaved Ice item that can be found on top of the house.

Tablet Piece Edit

As mentioned before, the third Tablet piece can be found inside the Toad's house here.

The first tablet piece in Drybake Desert is also hinted at here in case you missed it.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: None N/A

Things: Shaved Ice

Secret Door: Found in the spiraling part of this level. Contains the hair shears.

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