Dark Bones are the most powerful type of Dry Bones. Instead of being a pale gray with red shoes, they are a very bluish violet with purple shoes. Dark Bones are only found in the Palace of Shadow (where they are seen twice, once in a corridor and yet again in Riddle Tower) in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is unknown whether Dark Bones affiliate with Bowser or not, but they appear to be affiliated with the Shadow Queen. Ironically, however, a certain Dark Bones's pre-battle speech seemed to indicate that he had been ordered to keep the Shadow Queen from awakening. If their not defeated and a few Dry Bones are still in battle it will likely wake up. People call him a 'coward' because he runs away the first time you encounter him. His defense is the same as the regular Dry Bones.

Bones Duel

Dark Bones Battle

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