Dark Wizzerds are half-organic, half-machine made creatures residing in the Palace of Shadow. They possess several magic abilities including shooting lasers and lightning, making themselves invisible, making themselves dodgy, and so on. Dark Wizzerds have the same powers as a regular Wizzerd, only they're not as powerful. Using attacks or items like Fiery Jinx, Power Shell, Shell Slam, Bob-omblast, or any of the attack based special moves will make the real from the cloned Wizzerds visible, since because all the enemies are attacked at once.


  • Usually Dark Enemies are more powerful but this is the weakest type of wizard.
  • Dark Wizzerds are the only Wizzerd type found outside the Pit of 100 trails, making them the only type of Wizzerd you will encounter throughout the main storyline.

Wizzerd | Dark Wizzerd | Elite Wizzerd

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