Doopliss is the main boss of Chapter 4 in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. He has the ability to shape-shift and steal a person's body, leaving them as a shadow. He is a member of the Duplighost species. Unlike in the first Paper Mario game, Doopliss is the only Duplighost in the game.

He used his shape-shifting powers to transform the villagers into pigs whenever he rings the bell at the top of Creepy Steeple, striking fear onto the village. Before becoming intertwined with Mario's story, he resided on the top of the clock tower of Creepy Steeple. After his defeat, he takes Mario's body and name, and you have to investigate what is his real name to start the battle again, but you will only have Vivian as your partner. When you defeat him and gain the Ruby Star, Doopliss joins the Shadow Sirens as a replacement of Vivian, who joined Mario's party.

He is seen with the Shadow Sirens near the end of the game, when Mario is investigating the underground ruins of the Palace of Shadow. During this fight, he has greater attack power and can transform into either Mario or his current partner, though without the power of the Ruby Star he cannot steal their body and name. In the Akamwrata! Special, Beldam sends him to capture Peach, bringing her to Rogueport, in order for her to use Peach for a sacrifice offered to the Shadow Queen. However she sees right through him. No pun intended. He often calls Peach "toots" and " "sweets", but only because he'd been told by Beldam to manipulate her, to ressurect the Shadow Queen. In the epilogue, it is mentioned Doopliss helped Flurrie when she returned to the stage in the play "Paper Mario", for some reason.


  • During the fight in the Palace of Shadow, Doopliss can transform into Vivian, making the battle similar to that of the Shadow Siren battle at Boggly Woods.
  • He also makes an appearance in the Japanese Mario comic, Super Mario Kun.
  • Doopliss and his Duplighost friends only appeared in Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Super Mario Kun. He has not appeared since then.

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