Elite Wizzerds are the toughest half organic and machine enemies known. Like all Wizzerds, Elite Wizzerds also have the ability to improve their stats, rather than attacking. Elite Wizzerds can increase their attack by five, their defense by three, and restore their HP by ten. They also have the ability to make themselves dodgy, invisible, and electrified for a total of two turns. If alone, an Elite Wizzerd will create four copies of itself. These copies cannot be damaged, nor can they attack; they are merely created as a diversion for Mario and his partner. If the real Elite Wizzerd is found, the copies will vanish for the rest of that turn. Elite Wizzerds are very frustrating enemies because they're found in levels 91-99 of the Pit of 100 Trials and they can come in groups of up to five. Not counting bosses, it's actually the most strongest enemy in the whole game and even stronger than some bosses like Rawk Hawk. Oddly enough, it stops give you Star point at level 37 though it gives you two in level 36.

Wizzerd | Dark Wizzerd | Elite Wizzerd

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