The Emerald Star is the second Crystal Star obtained in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Emerald Star, like the other Crystal Stars, was created by the Shadow Queen. They were powerful objects that could be used to rule the world. It somehow ended up in Boggly Woods, and the rumor of The Great Tree and the Punies that inhabited it guarding a fabulous treasure began to spread. The Puni elder was told to guard it from evil and give it to a pure heart. However, Lord Crump and the X-Nauts invaded the tree in search of the Crystal Star, so the Puni Elder knew not to give it to them. In his quest for the Crystal Stars, the Emerald Star's whereabouts were revealed to Mario. He passed various obstacles before chasing Lord Crump to the tree's entrance hall, where he pulled his trump card- Magnus Von Grapple, a large robot piloted by Crump, with various weapons. It was a hard battle, but in the end, Mario prevailed and Lord Crump fled, dropping the Emerald Star which the Puni elder then gave to Mario. Afterward, Mario took the Emerald Star to the Thousand-Year Door and holds it aloft. It glows brightly and reveals the whereabouts of the Gold Star- Glitzville! It later went along with the six other Crystal Stars to everywhere Mario had been to rally support. The Emerald Star went to Boggly Woods, and Punio, Petuni, the Puni elder and countless other Punies cheer Mario on.


After Mario obtains the Emerald Star, more skills become available to him. His Star Power increases from two to three, and he learns the special move Clock Out.

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