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Pennington's room in the Excess Express.

The Excess Express is the train that goes between Rogueport and Poshley Heights. It takes a stop at Riverside Station for refueling. Seven cars are on it. There is one locomotive, three passenger cars, one dining car, and a luggage car. The ride is very luxurious, and most riders are rich. One part of Chapter 6 Mario is in battle with Smorg. At this point the rooftop is temporarily accessable. The luggage car in the chapter can also be visited but temporarily as well when retrieving Ghost T.'s diary and using a spring jump to retrieve the stolen passengers.


Below is a list of the riders as of the train. Note these are on your quest for the Crystal Star and may not appear later.


  • Even if all the passengers and workers are kidnapped, the Item shop caretaker is still in service.
  • At Riverside Station, two of the Toads are left there when the train leaves. It is unknown if they actually live at the station even if it's abandoned. Their importance is refueling the train.
  • Jr. Troopa makes a cameo appearence flying near the window of the Excess Express in an e-mail from Zip Toad.
  • In one part of Super Paper Mario, Francis writes that he would like to buy an Excess Express train set.
  • The Waitress in the dinning cart as Tiny Kong's pigtails (only purple).

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