Exor is a giant sword-like character and a member of the Smithy Gang. Exor is actually composed of four parts, his left eye, his right eye, his mouth (which for some reason is named Neosquid), and the skull-shaped pommel (named Exor) that controls the entire body. Exor is used as an inter-dimensional gateway between Mario's dimension, home of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Smithy's dimension, where Smithy's Factory is located. Consequently, Exor can transport an infinite number of troops and weapons for the Smithy Gang, as they are held in a separate dimension, not in an enclosed space.

Fighting Exor

He was a vital component of Smithy's invasion of Mushroom World. Exor, on his descent to Bowser's Keep, shattered the Star Road, breaking off seven Star Pieces, thus eliminating the power of wishes from the world. Exor crashes into Bowser's Keep, sending Mario, Bowser, and Toadstool (who were battling in the castle) flying to other regions of the world. The keep is occupied by the Smithy Gang, and is used as Smithy's base of operations on Mushroom World.

At the start, a message appears saying: The eye is protecting Exor! And you must beat one of his eyes first because, if you atack Exor, no damage you will deal. After beating one of his eyes you are able to atack Exor, the best form to beat him instantaneously is to use the Geno´s Whirl. If done correctly, it can do 9999 to Exor, the maximun damage of the game, beating it once for all. The Neosquid (or mouth) doesn´t protect Exor, but it attacks too, like the eyes.