Fire Bros. are a species of Koopa Troopa. Because they are closely related to Hammer Bros., they naturally throw something. So they spit fire balls, and thus got their name. They wear a red helmet to represent their ability, and a red shell for the same reason. Like the Boomerang Bros. and Hammer Bros., they have big, bulging eyes, and just looking at one tells it's a different species of Koopa Troopa. In Super Paper Mario, some can flip between dimensions. They first appear in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door in the Glitz Pit where only once is fought in the whole game (as well as Boomerang Bros.). They attack more often when there HP is very low or in Peril. In Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door they do not appear in the pit of 100 trials. They can easily burn you if you don't even bother to defend.They are koopas that spit fire balls.

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