Fire Flowers are common offensive items in the Paper Mario series. During the Paper Mario series, the player can use the Fire Flower to attack the enemies Mario and his partners encountered during their travels. These items can be purchased in many shops in the Shroom Grocery from Toad Town, Koopa's Shop from Koopa Village, and Yoshi's Cabana from Lavalava Island from Paper Mario. Also in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, they can be purchased in Toad Bros. Bazaar from Rogueport, Niff T.'s Shop from Petalburg, and Keelhaul Key Galleria from Keelhaul Key. Fire Flowers can be also used as ingredients to be made into new items with a help of Tayce T. or Zess T. The Fire Flower does appear in Super Paper Mario, but with a substitute suitable for the game known as the Fire Burst but they make a cameo after when you beat a level and on francis castle. But Still Unused for Inside the ? Blocks in Super Paper Mario Which Mario Becomes Fire Mario and Shoot Fireballs by Pressing the Button on the Arrows to Shoot Fireballs But in Super Paper Mario This Game has an Unused Fire Mario Scene


  • In other Mario installments, the flower gives the user the ability to chuck fireballs.

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