The Flashy Hopslipper is a sticker found in Paper Mario Sticker Star. It is the third-strongest sticker in the line of Hopslipper stickers. It can damage an enemy up to ten times by jumping on them with good timing. It is a fairly rare sticker to find in levels, but can always be obtained by upgrading a shiny hopslipper sticker. It can not damage spiked foes.

In-game Descriptions Edit

Regular: If you're good, stomps a single foe many times with a pretty strong jump.

Museum: A flashy sticker that doesn't exactly look cool, seeing as it's a slipper with a spring on it. But it can stomp ten times!

Lineage Edit

Belongs to the Hopslipper Sticker line:

Hopslipper Shiny Hopslipper Flashy Hopslipper Big Shiny Hopslipper Megaflash Hopslipper

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