Flavio is a self-proclaimed "famous" Rogueport entrepreneur. In his possession, he owns many fine ships, his favorite being the S.S. Flavion, which he and Mario used to travel to Keelhaul Key, to collect the fifth Crystal Star. It was unfortunately destroyed in the very same voyage. He enjoys believing that he is a fearless, brilliant man that others idolize and envy, but he is not particularly popular among his crew, or anyone, as a matter of fact. For Admiral Bobbery's last wish, he wants to drink his bottle of Chuckola Cola, in Flavio's possession. Flavio's ancestors stole the Skull Gem from the Pirate King Cortez and the artifact has remained in his family until the day Flavio traded it back to Cortez in exchange for Cortez's help (and use of his ghost ship). The Skull Gem itself proved to be the only way of opening the secret entrance to the Pirate's Grotto, home of Cortez's ship, the Black Skull, and the fifth Crystal Star. It is also the source of the Black Skull's power, allowing it to sail.

Apparently, after the incident, he received an insurance payment for his boat wreck and became the second richest man in Rogueport.

Flavio was punched in the face by Zess T. after causing gourmet ingredients to spoil on the dock by holding up a crew with a two-day story. As a result of this beating, Flavio loses a large portion of his memory.

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