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Flint Cragley

Flint Cragley is a headstrong explorer who runs a TV show called "Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter" he is highly appriciated by the Cragnons and has a strange apperance wearing an explorers hat and a coat with a prehistoric skirt with jaguar designs. He is the head explorer of an expidition in Floro Caverns with two other crags which serve as his film crew but become lost in the cave.


Flint Cragley has an extreme personality and always acts as if he is on TV. Even when his film crew is Lost in the caverns, he continues narrating his story as a film director would. He is constantly saying the words "Cragley Ho!" as his catch phrase. Though he acts very heroic, he really never proves his heroism. When you find his film crew and retreieve the key which was ironically in his pocket the whole time, to open the door in the Cavern, he marches through without a pause first in line. However, when you reach King Croacus of the Floro Sapiens he does not help you at all. When you find out theat the polluted water was making the king go crazy after he is defeated, Cragley marches in saying "Of Course! I knew it all along!" though he does stop the Cragons from polluting the water in a way, he really doesn't do much but weigh you down.

Later apperancesEdit

Once you beat the chapter, Flint Cragley dosn't appear much though you can always go back to the downtown of Crag and see him. He does, however, appear near the end of the game, right before The Void expands so that the land of Cragons is destroyed. He is shown fretting with his film crew while the world is being destroyed.

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