8227Fracktail Screenshot

Fracktail coming out of the sand.

In Super Paper Mario, he is the boss guarding the Second Pure Heart. He is a kind and friendly robotic dragon who upon meeting will rise out of the ground in the Yold Desert. He talks like a computer, and uses various computer terms, (example: CTRL ALT DEL) and makes references to Zelda II (example: I AM ERROR.)

Before he allows Mario to pass Dimentio causes a malfunction in his systems, turning him against Mario. Once Mario defeats him he has a system meltdown and breaks apart. Mario then continues to collect the second Pure Heart. Fracktail is the largest character in the Mario series also sharing this title with Wracktail.

At the end of the flipside pit of 100 trials is Wracktail, Fracktails stronger twin.

Fracktail seems to resemble Hooktail, the boss of Chapter 1 in PM:TTYD.

Defeating FracktailEdit


Fracktail has 18HP attack is 1 Defense-

Once Mario is on his back, Fracktail will fly in a circle attempting to throw him off his back. When the tail is reached, Mario can jump back onto his head. Many enemy Frackles will start to attack him. He then uses Thoreau to grab the Frackles and throw them at Fracktail's antenna. After nine throws, he will fall apart.
Super Paper Mario - Fracktail battle05:41

Super Paper Mario - Fracktail battle

Fracktail Battle

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