"Meeeeeeeeooowww! We'll Be Good, We'll be Good!"
— Fuzzy, Paper Mario

Fuzzies are black parasites that act like leeches. They attack Mario or his partner by sucking their HP and healing themselves in the process. They tend to start off sentences by shouting "MEOORK!" or any other related phrase. They are also very hyper-active and can't stop hopping up and down. An easy method to defeat them is to use a Fire Flower, which can get rid of four in one blow. If you are wearing the Zap Tap badge, they will not be able to attack you, just be mindful of your partner. In Paper Mario, Fuzzies stole Kooper's shell, which Mario had to retrieve. According to Goombella, Fuzzies emit a disgusting odor when wet. In Super Paper Mario, you can strangely and mostly see Fuzzies in Planet Blobule, trying to smack into Mario.

Fuzzy‎ Fuzzy Fuzzy
Species: Fuzzy | Flower Fuzzy/Pink Fuzzy | Green Fuzzy | Forest Fuzzy | Gold Fuzzy | Jungle Fuzzy

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