Gauntlet Pond is the ninth level of World 3 in Paper Mario Sticker Star. This area primarily consists of a massive poisonous pond containing bloopers and various other enemies. There are many log swings that can help you traverse this level without falling into the poison. Upon arriving to this level for the first time you will see the Wiggler Segment on a raised platform, starting the chasing game to take place.

The first area you start in consists of a few hills and tree swings above the poison. There are also various trees that can spew poisonous gas. This gas can be stopped by placing a sticker on the source of it and blocking it off. Taking the two tree swings to the right leads to a small log that can be freed and used as transport across the lake. Heading right of this room leads to another with back and forth swinging logs. There is a heart block here in case you fall in the pond. Traversing the swings either leads to a taped-down swing blocked by poison gas. Past here is the wiggler segment that again runs off. There is a power star in the poison here that can be used to traverse back to the entrance of this room.

Heading to the room in-behind this one, you can see the wiggler segment stuck floating around. This room is very large containing many tree swings to navigate. The sponge item can be seen in the background covered in poison. After navigating this room, you can reach the upper portion of the first room. The sticker comet piece can be found in the large room past some tree swings.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Jump, Hammer, Eekhammer, Hurlhammer, Slaphammer, Hopslipper, Fire Flower, Ice Flower

Things: Sponge (Have to hit it three times first)

Secret Door: Located on a tree below a tree swing. Contains Shiny Ice and Fire flowers, a Shiny POW Block, a Chillhammer, Burnhammer, and Baahammer

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