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Geno Whirl is an attack Geno learns at Level 11 in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The attack involves Geno throwing a disk of light that follows a straight path to and through the enemy. Geno Whirl is notable for being one of the most powerful attacks in the game; if the player pushes Y right as the attack leaves the screen, 9999 damage is dealt to the enemy. This strategy however does not work on bosses (except for some of King Calamari's tentacles, Yaridovich mirages and Exor); the chest monsters (Pandorite, HidonBox Boy and Chester); clones created by Belome and MagikoopaMachine Made copies of bosses, and Shy Rangers. The attack must be timed precisely; otherwise, it will do an unimpressive amount of damage. Geno Whirl costs eight Flower Points to use and is one of the few magic attacks Geno can perform that does not instruct the player beforehand. Geno Whirl has the distinction of being the only special move in Mario's party that inflicts critical damage.

Trivia Edit

In Nintendo Power issue 82, a caption explains, "The Geno Whirl Special Attack works particularly well against undead enemies." This bonus is not present in the final version, however.

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