The Gold Star is the third Crystal Star obtained in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Gold Star, like the other Crystal Stars, was created by the Shadow Queen. They were powerful objects that could be used to rule the world. After centuries, it somehow fell into the hands of Grubba, who used it to power a machine under the arena in Glitzville which allowed him to absorb energy from fighters. Of course, if it ever got out that he was using this machine, then he could be dismissed from his position. Naturally he had to keep his machine a secret by absorbing the energy from anyone who saw it. In his quest for the Crystal Stars, the Gold Star's whereabouts were revealed to Mario. He obtained a Blimp Ticket, went to Glitzville and fought his way to the top... only to discover that the Gold Star on the Champ's Belt was fake! However, someone named "X" was emailing him, telling him to heed his or her instructions if he wants the Crystal Star. Mario was already starting to piece the mystery of the arena together, and no sooner had he entered the champ's room than "X" told him to find the ghost. Mario did as instructed and went through the air vent to Grubba's office. In one of his desk drawers, Mario found the blueprint for Grubba's machine, as Grubba himself showed up. He tried to get Mario out of his office, but then Mario's partner accused him of making fighters disappear. Knowing he was cornered, Grubba fled to the arena and Mario gave chase. He found Grubba, who then revealed his machine and used it to become Macho Grubba! Eventually, Mario triumphed and Grubba's machine released Prince Mush, Jolene's brother, as well as the Gold Star. Mario took the Star to the Thousand-Year Door with him and held it aloft. It glowed very brightly and revealed the Ruby Star's whereabouts. It later went along with the six other Crystal Stars to everywhere Mario had been to rally support. Near the end of the game, the Gold Star went to Glitzville, where Jolene, Rawk Hawk, the Iron Clefts and a Shady Koopa cheered Mario on using it.


After Mario obtains the Gold Star, more skills become available to him. His Star Power increases from three to four, and he learns the special move Power Lift.

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