Goldbob is Bub's father and husband to Sylvia. He is a rich Bob-omb who wants the best for his son, Bub, but spoils him. Goldbob loves money, shown by how he would only give Mario the deed to the cannon if Mario forked over all his coins. He gave them all back though, showing that he knows when to do the right thing.

Glitzville Edit

Goldbob can first be seen in Glitzville with his family. During his stay here, Goldbob gradually becomes more and more interested in you and the Glitz Pit, due to its profitability. He states that he'd like to speak to the owner to become a sponsor of the fine establishment. If you talk to him again in the major-leagues, he will tell you that he has become the sponsor of the Glitz Pit and eventually will admit that he is rooting for your rise to be champion.

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