Not to be confused with Paper Mario's Goomba Fortress.

Goomba's Fortress is the sixth and final level of World 1, as well as having World 1's boss. It is inhabited and run primarily by goombas, hence the name. There are also revealed to be bob-ombs here as when crossing one of the bridges, a goomba uses the Trumpet to summon an assault of bob-ombs. It is fairly easy to avoid these bob-ombs before they explode attacking you, but if you defeat them you can occasionally get bomb stickers. Paragoombas are introduced here.

This area is fairly easy to traverse, only having some challenges along the way. One area in this Fortress has high winds blowing preventing you from travelling to the other side. The only way to get through this area is to block the vents blowing wind by placing stickers on both of them. The stickers will fall off after a while however. After traversing the large staircase upwards, you can get the Trumpet at the top of this fortress, and make your way up to the first world boss.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Jump, Shiny Jump, Flashy Jump, Line Jump, Baahammer, Burnhammer, Slaphammer, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Shell, Hopslipper, Spike Helmet, Shiny POW Block, Bomb

Things: Trumpet

Secret Door: Located in the windy area. Contains the Squirt Gun.

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