"This red shirt, this hat, and this mustache... You know, this really looks like the one and only Mario!"
— Goombaria
MarioRPGChars goombaria

Goombaria, Goombario's sister

Goombaria is the younger little sister of Goombario from the very first Paper Mario. She, with the rest of her family, hails from a small town called Goomba Village, which is located just east of Toad Town.

In the prologue, she discovers Mario's motionless body after his initial defeat from the hands of Bowser with the Star Rod now in his possesion. After calling to her family for help, Mario is brought to a Toad House in their village to recover.

Goombaria also lost her Dolly before the events of the game. The player can find it by hitting the tree in Jr. Troopa's playground. If Mario returns it to her, she will give him a Star Piece (and a kiss).

Relationship with GoombarioEdit

When Goombario is given the opportunity from Goompa to aid Mario on his adventure, Goombaria becomes jealous and complains that he gets to have all the fun. She will sometimes leave Goomba Village and appear with her mother in Toad Town to do shopping. She tries to get Goombario in trouble but deep down she loves him.

According to most of Goombario's tattles around Goomba Village, Goombario will state that he and Goombaria used to always play together in the outskirts of their home until Goombas loyal to the Bowser came and raided the areas. Since then, their mom forbids them to ever go there again. This could mean that Goombaria and Goombario share a strong brother and sister bond together.

Family Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In a similar manner to how Goombario's name is a portmanteau of "Goomba" and "Mario", Goombaria's name would appear to be a combination of "Goomba" and the female name "Maria". It may also, however, simply be a more feminine-sounding variation of Goombario's name.
  • She looks like a one of those old fashion goomba's from the first few games of Mario Bros.
  • She is one of the first good goombas to ever be seen in the entire Mario series.
    • Yet, however, she has a pointy tooth sticking out (Similar to Goombella) instead of a square one.
  • Goomba was planned to be a partner in Paper Mario, but was scrapped.

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