Growmebas are rare enemies found in Super Paper Mario. They are orange, floating enemies that are capable of multiplying themselves. A growmeba will copy itself and create a second growmeba. The only difference is that of the real form will float in a different fashion from all the others. When a Growmeba is ready to clone itself, a ring will form within its eye. A second ring will appear and a cloned Growmba will be produced.


By defeating the main Growmeba, or just by just defeating the Growmeba itself before it multiplies, you can destroy them all at once. A useful tool is the Fire Blast or an Ice Storm. Letting Growmebas multiply over and over and then destroying them all is a good method for leveling up. Growmebas are rare and they have no attack besides moving into the player, making them weak enemies.


The Blomeba and Chromeba are found in the game with similar properties as the Growmeba. In addition, the Dark Growmeba lurks in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials.


  • The Name Growmeba comes from the term "Grow" and "Amoeba," a single celled organism capable of dividing itself at a fast rate.
  • Growmeba

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