Gulp is the term used to refer to Yoshi Kid's ability to swalllow and spit out enemies. In Paper mario: The Thousand-year Door, this is a move of baby yoshi which can be used in battle but not in the field. When this attack is used, You must hold down the R button as a meter fills up. As the meter reaches the top, The R button must be released or the attack will fail. It is a useful attack that will do damage to the swallowed enemy and the enemy procceding the swallowed one. This move requires 4 FP and is a basic move that Yoshi kid has already started off with. Note this attack is the only method that can defeat the Iron Clefts at Glitzville.

Leveling upEdit

As Yoshi Kid levels up, this attack's power increases by leveling him up using Shine Sprite. F
PM2 Gulp

Yoshi Kid using Gulp

rom 4 at his starting rank to 5 at the second and 6 damage at the third.

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