"Yeah, Goombario's head is hard as a rock now! Teehee! When he does his Headbonk move, it really, really hurts!"
Goombaria commenting about Goombario's Headbonk
Goombario's headbonk
is the initial move performed by Goombas. It is a Goomba's version of Mario's Jump. Ruff Puffs can also perform Headbonk so they are an acception. Their attack is similar to that of a headbonk (despite they are Puff species) but it is only featured for them in Paper Mario. Notable Partners such as Goombario and Goombella who join Mario's party, immediately starts off with this ability. Like Mario's jump, Goombario or Goombella can perform a double bonk if an action command is used. Later when the two are upgraded, they can perform a stronger move called Multibonk. Much like Mario's Power Bounce badge, Multibonk will continuously headbonk a single enemy until an action command is missed.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Since there are only pixls that join as Mario's party members, Headbonk is not featured as an ability to be used by the player. Also noting, most Goombas encountered in the game are only found to be charging towards the player like normal Goombas from in the past Mario games. Though, this doesn't mean the Headbonk move was removed, as the only notable Goomba(s) that can perform it, are the Headbonk Goombas (including the Dark Headbonk Goomba).

Notable Characters that can perform HeadbonkEdit


  • Ruff Puff (Enemy. Similar to Headbonk, used only in Paper Mario.)

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