Herringway is a Bumpty who lives in Shiver City during the events of Paper Mario. He is a famous novelist who
writes many murder mysteries. Herringway lives a solitary life, remaining alone in his house as he writes his next bestseller. Although he lives behind locked doors, Mario managed to find a way inside the bumpty's house. Mario was accused of murdering the mayor of Shiver City and needed to clear his name. As such, Mario sought the help of Herringway, an expert on murder mysteries. The two returned to the scene of the crime and discovered that the mayor was not dead; he had merely fainted. As it turns out, the mayor's spouse, who reads way too many of Herringways novels, jumped to conclusions and thought her husband was murdered. With the mayor revived, Mario continued on his journey and Herringway began work on his next novel, chronicling the events of the penguin murder mystery.

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