Hooktails Dungeon is basically 4 rooms in Hooktails Castle. The 1st room has 2 enemies a Paragoomba and a Dull Bones a switch and a badge. The 2nd room has a black treasure chest and cuffs. The 3rd is where the key to black chest is. The room is also a trap with spikes. The 4th is a hidden room that has a crack in the 3rd that needs Admiral Bobbery to blow up the wall. The 4th room just basically has a treasure chest. The first 3 rooms are connected but the 4th isn't.


Attack FX Y- Badge needed to weaken Hooktail.

Paper Mode- You get it from the Black Chest.

Black Key- Needed to open the Black Chest.

Up Arrow- Item needed to power-up your allies twice.

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